I am a PhD student in mathematics, soon to finish (or quit…). I guess it will shine through every now and then (both, the math, and the struggles with it). But this is not a math blog. Sometimes I’m making postcards for friends, and as some of them suggested to make a blog about my creative attempts, I’ll give it a try. Maybe there are more people that have a similar taste :) However, I neither have a specific topic, nor a particular style, so there’ll be a bit of everything here, from quick sketches, to worked out pieces, to photographs and whatnot…

Something more about me: I could stare at my lava lamp for hours. Going to an art exhibition is one of the rare moments where my mind relaxes and stops overthinking. I’m buying more books than I can read. I have serious problems getting out of bed in the morning. I love going to small concerts of unknown bands.