À Bout de Souffle

DSC_2055 (2)


The cars hiss by my window
Like the waves down on the beach
I got this girl beside me
But she’s out of reach

The Doors — Cars Hiss by My Window

Another piece that grew out of my attempt to get better at drawing faces. It is based on a picture of Jean Seberg in Breathless, a very iconic movie by Jean-Luc Godard, probably the most famous Nouvelle Vague movie. I love this movie, it is very stylish, I love the young Belmondo, how he’s buying and barely reading newspapers all the time, casually stealing cars, talking nonsense; and Jean Seberg, her uncertainty about everything, how she deals with certain situations, evading and not; their clothes, how they talk with each other…

Recently I bought a coffee-table book with photos Raymond Cauchetier did during the shooting of some of the most famous Nouvelle Vague classics. The above drawing is based on one of them. When finishing the pencil sketch, I decided to make a very “basic” shading, only dark or light, no shades in-between. I thought about doing it black-and-white, covering half her face in black (the movie is in black/white). But I did not dare to try it. Luckily I was not alone, but sitting in a café with other sketchers, and they helped me in choosing the colors. Hope you like the result as much as I do :)


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