Just do it!

DSC_2034 (3)

When I was a painter I painted you well
Too bad I have to die

The Breeders — When I Was A Painter

The most amazing thing happened! Yesterday I was at a concert of The Breeders, the band of Kim Deal, who was the bass player of the Pixies. And during the last days I made the above drawing of the band, based on a picture that is in the liner notes of one of their albums and hence quite well-known. I brought it to the concert, with the vague intention of bringing it on stage somehow. If I would dare to do so. And I did it! During the encore I threw it on stage, and Kelley picked it up, looked at it a bit puzzled, and put it on an amp. When they left the stage after the concert, they let the picture there, so I thought that’s it. But then today a friend told me to look up their instagram page. And there it is, they posted my drawing on their instagram, and also twitter and facebook accounts :) Amazing feeling to see my picture there, with all those likes. And in complete anonymity ;)

It was a fantastic concert by the way! The sisters are sooo cute, and they all seemed so normal and nice, it was really fun :)


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