Midnight Lace — Nostalgia in Blue

DSC_2004 (2)

I’m a bit old-fashioned in some sense: I like old stuff. Among this stuff are old movies, I like the aesthetics, the dresses and the furniture, I like the music, I like the pace… Among my favorites are old James Bond movies, Hitchcock movies, Noir movies, some Hollywood classics like Casablanca (and recently musical movies like High Society), or also simple comedies like The Pink Panther, but also French Nouvelle Vague etc. These times had a great style. Recently I was watching Midnight Lace, a wannabe Hitchcock movie with Doris Day. I liked it, and while watching it, I made some sketches, one of which turned out quite nice, I think.

DSC_2008 (2)

The next days I redid it to get something clean, and I made some copies and played around with the dresses. Considering the results, I should probably not become a fashion designer.

DSC_2011 (2)

Finally I used this to make an etching out of it, resulting in the print you see as the first picture. For this I used an old piece of metal which already had some damages that give the whole thing a vintage look. Another print of that plate is the following, where the orange color was too thick and did not properly go off the paint roller. The blue is really nice though, and I like how it fades towards the couple.

DSC_1999 (2)


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