How to hang a Warhol

IMG_0735 (2)

And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

— Friedrich Nietzsche

After the sketching course last month, I now take a course on intaglio/etching! And today I have the first results :) Actually one can make intaglios with many many different materials, among them milk tetra paks! Today’s print was done on some plastic plate.

I had the following drawing as basis.

DSC_1972 (2)

One advantage of a plastic plate is that you can place it over the picture you wanna engrave, and just have to trace the lines with a needle. Once the plate is ready, you can play around a lot with different colors! There are different possibilities. Classically, only the engraved lines were printed, in one color, by applying paint to the plate and rubbing it off on the not processed parts so that only paint in the engraved lines stays and prints. Another — enhanced — possibility is to apply a second layer of paint on the not processed parts of the plate to get a print with different colors for lines and areas. The following picture is my first print ever:

IMG_0737 (2)

Here, only the lower part of the picture was done with a second color. The red on the background of the upper part was “only” leftover from the red I used for the engraved lines. The shadows are very deep and lines are a bit blurry, probably because there was a bit too much paint on the plate. I made another one of that kind with a different choice of colors:

IMG_0738 (2)

We apply these colors with a roller, so it’s nearly impossible to color shapes different than rectangular with this technique. But there’s a way round: we make a crappy print of our picture and cut out stencils to cover some parts while applying paint with the roller. That way the very first picture of this post is done!


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