IMG_0430 (2)

Then it struck him: he didn’t have enough
money to go to Wisconsin in the accepted fashion,
true, but why not mail himself?

The Velvet Underground — The Gift

I learned two things recently:

  • Adults my age (i.e. late twenties) still love Kinder Surprises, but most of them don’t dare to buy them
  • In the USA they are forbidden because “The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act prohibits confectionery products which contain a ‘non-nutritive object'” (Wikipedia)

I thought a while about how to hide something on a postcard to get a surprise effect, and then it struck me: why not make it as obvious as possible and cover it with something that says “SURPRISE”?

The above is the first of these cards I made, and I managed to glue my finger with superglue on the card… :D That’s where the stain on the lower left is coming from. Here’s what is hidden:

IMG_0428 (2)

*Here’s an explanation for the title ;)


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